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Men's health
Uro Protect is a preparation with a special medical purpose with plant extracts, intended to protect the health and function of the urinary system .   It contains 4 active components with a synergistic and scientifically proven effect ; Unique formulation and dosage adjusted for both prevention and ..
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D-MANNOSE is food for special medical purposes for dietary regulation of the normal function of the urinary tract and reduction of the occurrence of urinary infections.The use of D-Mannose contributes to:To maintain the function of the urinary tractTo protect and soothe urinary infectionsPackaging :..
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>Prostatol Complex is a dietary supplement with saw palmetto extract, plant extracts and zinc, intended to maintain and improve the health and function of the prostate and urinary system in men. It contains 7 active components with a synergistic effect; Scientific formulation on the recommendation o..
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Prostatol Complex (2+1) - preparation for prostate protection
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>Prostatol Complex is a dietary supplement with saw palmetto extract, plant extracts and zinc, intended to maintain and improve the health and function of the prostate and urinary system in men. It contains 7 active components with a synergistic effect; Scientific formulation on the recommendation o..
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Saw Palmetto is a nutritional supplement with low-growing saw palmetto extract intended to maintain and improve the health and function of the prostate and urinary system in men.  It contains an active component with a scientifically proven effect ; High concentration (320mg) as recommended by docto..
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EPIDEMIUM COMPLEX is a nutritional supplement with epimedium extract and other herbal extracts intended to improve libido, stamina and vitality of the male reproductive system. Ingredients : Epimedium extract, Tribulus terrestris extract, Pumpkin seed extract, Ginger root extract, Maca root extract..
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TRIBULUS TERESTRIS EXTRACT is a food supplement that helps increase the endurance and energy of the body. Packaging: 30 capsules, 500 mg, plastic packaging.   Dosage and method of use: 1-2 capsules, once to twice a day...
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When we say men's health, we first think of prostate health and problems. Although men do not want to talk about their male health, ignoring prostate problems can only lead to the development of unwanted complications such as chronic inflammation - prostatitis, as well as cancer and seriously endanger health. Unfortunately, a huge percentage of men over the age of 60 suffer from an enlarged prostate, and in recent years, the condition has become more common in those younger than 50. If you get up two, three or more times during the night to you go to the toilet, you suffer from difficulty urinating, you wake up sleepless, tired and with reduced potency and libido, then it's high time you take something for your male health!

How to prevent urinary tract infections?

With aging, the prostate grows, and its increased volume puts pressure on the bladder, which creates a constant need to urinate, simultaneously constricting the urethra, making it difficult for urine to flow out and empty the bladder. As a consequence of the difficult and incomplete emptying of the bladder, there is a retention of part of the urine in which bacteria can easily develop and cause a urinary infection. Such infections not only cause very unpleasant urinary problems (pain and burning during urination), but if they are repeated often or are not treated properly, as chronic inflammations they can also be transmitted to the surrounding tissues and organs, i.e. the prostate, ducts, kidneys as and the testicles and seriously threaten men's health, leading to infertility, ie sterility. The most effective way to protect against these unwanted infections of the urinary tract and improve men's health is by using preparations based on cranberry extract and D-Mannose, which prevent the retention of bacteria on the bladder wall and prevent their reproduction and development of infection. . The best natural way to easily and effectively get rid of or protect yourself from these infections is to choose the dual system Uro Protect with D-Mannose .

Problems with potency and prostate

Erectile dysfunction is the most inconvenient and for men the most terrible problem with men's health that usually occurs because of circulation problems that occur with aging or because of a psychological problem. The prostate is a gland that plays a role in men's health (sexual function and reproductive health of men), so practice shows that if men have problems with the prostate, for example an enlarged prostate, they often experience problems with potency, that is, erection. Additional factors that influence the reduction of potency are:

  • constant fatigue, nervousness and reduced libido due to poor quality sleep (due to the need to empty the bladder frequently)

  • high level of stress,

  • poor quality diet (rich in processed products and xeno-estrogens)

  • Diabetes mellitus;

  • Atherosclerosis and the formation of plaque deposits on blood vessels that reduce blood flow and circulation;

  • lack of physical activity (which leads to poor circulation and reduced testosterone levels) and

  • drugs to treat an enlarged prostate (standard pharmacological therapy that can be prescribed by a urologist can unfortunately also cause impotence and loss of erection).

In addition to the prostate, all these factors make male sexual dysfunction the second, continuously growing problem of men's health.

The most effective methods to improve potency

If you have problems with men's health, in terms of reduced sexual function, then it is important to make changes in your style and lifestyle, that is:

  • Change your diet by eliminating processed products and products rich in added sugars and processed trans fats;

  • Avoid soy and dairy products (which may contain estrogenic hormones)

  • Add foods that contain more zinc (meat, eggs, fish and seafood, legumes and nuts).

  • Improve blood circulation and blood vessel function by eating foods rich in magnesium and potassium, such as dark green leafy vegetables, seeds and nuts, as well as foods rich in polyphenols - antioxidants from fruits and vegetables.

  • Regulate cholesterol and take marine fish or supplements based on Omega 3 fatty acids that have an anti-inflammatory effect and protect blood vessels.

  • Use plant extracts with an adaptogenic effect such as maca , ashwagandha , tribulus , ginseng and others, extracts from African cherry and others that can improve potency or choose a quality supplement that represents a combination of these extracts such as Epimedium Complex .

Prostate protection products and how to choose the best supplement for you?

When it comes to men's health and an enlarged prostate it is important to use plant extracts as well as make dietary changes in order to reduce inflammation in the body and maintain balanced and regulated hormone function. Female hormones - estrogens harm men's health. Therefore, pay attention to the external estrogenic influence, which comes not only from food (soy, milk, etc.) but also from pesticides, cleaning and hygiene products, plastic, and others. If you want to directly protect the prostate, prevent its further increase and get rid of the unpleasant symptoms associated with frequent and difficult urination, then choose a combination of extracts of saw palmetto , pomegranate, nettle, pumpkin seeds, tomato ( lycopene), African cherry peel and zinc, ingredients that both in scientific research and clinical studies have demonstrated the ability to improve the function and preserve the health of the prostate. When it comes to men's health, the expert nutritional and medical team from Natura Therapies recommends Prostatol Complex - a unique synergistic combination of all these extracts that has proven its effectiveness among thousands of satisfied customers.

Always before purchasing natural supplements, check the credibility and reputation of the company and ask for experiences and testimonials from other users who have tried the product.