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The terms of use are organized as follows:

1. About the website

2. Ownership of the Web Site

3. Use of the web

4. Registration and login to the website

5. Access to the site

6. Modification of Terms of Use

7. Your profile

8. Equipment for use on the site

9. End User Code of Conduct

10. Your Privacy

11. Terms of purchase

12. Special programs

13. Copyright and Trademark

14. User Content

15. Unwanted ideas

16. Copyright Policy

17. General warranty conditions

18. Limitation of Liability

19. Electronic Communication

20. Third Party Content

21. Indemnity/Relief

22. Force majeure

23. Entire Agreement

24. Applicable law and competent court


NATURATERAPY.MK provides an interactive online service through the website of the domain naturatherapy.mk, with which the company NATURA TERAPI DOOEL Skopje operates. Through the site "naturotherapy.mk" NATURA TERAPI DOOEL Skopje exhibits and sells its products for which it is an authorized representative for the Republic of North Macedonia. All offers and prices on the site are subject to change at any time without prior notice. All prices include VAT.


The Site, all Site Content and the infrastructure used to make the Site available are owned by us and other service providers. By using this site by the end user and previously given consent by the end user with all the rules and conditions set forth in the continuation of this text (a) NATURA TERAPI DOOEL Skopje grants you a limited, personal, non-transferable, non-exclusive license to use the site in accordance with these Terms of Use and with all additional policies and rules set by naturatherapy.mk; and (b) you agree that you will not reproduce, distribute, transmit, resell any content, software or products or services obtained through the site without prior approval from NATURA TERAPI DOOEL Skopje .


As a condition of the Site, You agree that:

- You are at least 18 years old;

- You are able to make a legal obligation;

- You are not legally prohibited from using certain services or products;

- You will not try to perform any action on the site to extract information from it, such as launching robots, crawlers and other tools for extracting information;

- Your use of the site will at all times be in accordance with these Terms of Use;

- You will make legitimate purchases that are in accordance with the terms given in each offer;

- You will make purchases only for your personal use or as gifts for friends;

- You will leave accurate information about you in any place on the site where you leave data;

- You will change the data about you as necessary to ensure that it is accurate at any time;

- You will only purchase from the offers through the site by creating a profile on the site or as a guest buyer and any purchase will be subject to the Terms of Purchase, these Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy

- You are responsible for your password and its confidential storage.


If you want to register as a user of naturatherapy.mk, you can do the same by clicking on the "Register" button and entering your data, first and last name, email address, address, contact phone number and password. During registration, mandatory agreement with the Terms of Use and the Personal Data Protection Policy is required.

If you do not agree, do not continue with the registration process. If you want to receive email notifications there is a non-mandatory option "E-Newsletter?" where in the field "Subscribe" you should select "Yes" or "No" if you want or do not want to receive email notifications.

At each subsequent login to the profile, you need to enter your email and password to log in. After a successful login, you can access your user profile on the website and use all the functionalities that are available to registered users.

The information you share during registration is used in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Policy at this link.


naturatherapy.mk reserves the right to refuse service or access to the site or to the profile of any person, at any time for any reason. The end user acknowledges that although the Internet is often a safe place, sometimes there are service interruptions or events that are beyond the control of NATURA TERAPI DOOEL Skopje , and NATURA TERAPI DOOEL Skopje is not responsible for any data lost while transmitting information over the Internet. Although NATURA TERAPI DOOEL Skopje aims to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the site may be unavailable from time to time for any reason, including, without limitation, routine maintenance.

You understand and acknowledge that depending on the circumstances, within and beyond the control of NATURA TERAPI DOOEL Skopje , access to the website may be interrupted or suspended from time to time.

naturatherapy.mk has the right at any time to change or discontinue any aspect or function of the site, including, but not limited to, content, hours of availability and equipment required to access or use the site.


NATURA reserves the right at any time to terminate or modify any aspect of the Terms of Use and/or the Privacy Policy as it deems necessary or desirable.

Such changes may include, among other things, the addition of certain fees or charges. If NATURA TERAPI DOOEL Skopje makes any substantial changes, we will notify you by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address registered with your profile and/or by publishing a change notice on the website. Any changes to these Terms of Use will become effective after we notify you in advance by sending an e-mail to you or post a notice of the changes on our site.

These changes will not apply to orders placed prior to the effective date of such changes. If you do not agree with the changes, you can request to stop or delete your user profile without any compensation and not to use the services of the site in the future after the change of conditions.

You can exercise your rights as a user by contacting us through the methods specified in the Personal Data Protection Policy in Chapter 2

These changes will apply to new users of our site and to all orders placed by such new users. We therefore recommend that you re-read this important information containing our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy from time to time in order to stay informed of any changes. Any use of the Site by the End User shall be deemed to constitute acceptance by the End User of such changes.


You may create and maintain only one user profile on the Website for personal use. You are responsible for updating and correcting the data in your profile.

As part of the changes to your profile you have the option to: change, save or delete any personal information from the profile or to opt out of receiving promotional e-mail messages.

Your rights as a user are as follows:

- Access to your personal data

- The right to correct personal data

- Right to restriction of personal data

- The right to delete personal data

- Right to withdraw consent

- The right to submit an objection

- Right to data transfer

- The right to submit a request to the Directorate for Personal Data Protection

Read more about your rights in Chapter 11 of our Privacy Policy .

You know and agree that NATURA TERAPI DOOEL Skopje has no responsibility for any incident that may arise from or is related to your profile. You are solely responsible for maintaining the security of your account. We will assume that anyone using the Site through your profile is you. You agree that you are solely responsible for any activity that occurs on or with your account. Your profile may be removed if you do not keep it current.

Your profile is not portable. You may not share or sell it with/to another person. Any failure to comply with these Terms of Use may result in termination without prior notice. We also reserve the right to change or exclude any feature from Our Site, including but not limited to the Site's usage requirements.


The end user is responsible for supplying and maintaining telephone equipment, computer hardware and other equipment required to access and use this site and all costs associated therewith. naturatherapy.mk is not responsible for any damage to the end user's equipment as a result of using this site.


All interactions on the site must be in accordance with these Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy and other policies and rules published on the website. If we notice that your behavior interferes with or prohibits any other user from using any part of the site, we may restrict your access to and use of the site.

The following activities are prohibited on the site and constitute a violation and non-compliance with the Terms of Use:

Posting any content to the Site that:

- Violates applicable laws (including but not limited to: intellectual property laws, laws relating to the protection of personal data and laws relating to defamation);

- Contains personal data, unless we expressly request such information from you;

- Contains viruses or malicious software that may cause harm;

- Offers download of protected, confidential or personal data;

- Contains messages from unauthorized persons from NATURA TERAPI DOOEL Skopje , who allegedly speak on behalf of NATURA TERAPI DOOEL Skopje or provide confidential information related to NATURA TERAPI DOOEL Skopje ;

- Is intentionally inappropriate, constitutes fraud, or falsifies data; or

- Is protected by copyright, trademark or any other type of intellectual property without the express consent of the owner of the copyright, trademark or other intellectual property

Attempting to do or actually doing any of the following:

- Accessing data that is not intended for you, as well as logging on to a server or profile that you are not authorized to access;

- Scanning or tracking the site in order to collect data, in an attempt to track sales, usage, aggregated information about offers, information about prices or similar data;

- Scan or test the security or configuration of the site or breach security or authentication measures; or

- Interfering with any user's use of the Site in any way, including, without limitation, by submitting a virus to the Site, attempting to overload the Site with "spam", attempting to overload the servers, or site outage.

Use of any of the following:

- Frames, framing techniques or framing technology to display or reveal any content from the site without our written permission;

- Any Site Content, including without limitation User Content (defined below), in any meta tags or any other "hidden text" techniques and technologies without our written permission;

- The site or any of its content to advertise or distribute, for commercial, political or religious purposes or to compete, directly or indirectly, with NATURA TERAPI DOOEL Skopje or

- Downloading and publication of contents, information, logo, photos or other contents from NATURA TERAPI DOOEL Skopje without prior consent from naturterapy.mk

- False representation on behalf of NATURA TERAPI DOOEL Skopje to third parties, social networks, creation of fake fan pages using the name and logo of NATURA TERAPI DOOEL Skopje in order to collect user data or perform other illegal actions contrary to the laws of Republic of North Macedonia.

- The site or any of its resources to attract users or third parties to become users or partners of other online or offline services directly or indirectly competitive or potentially competitive with NATURA TERAPI DOOEL Skopje , including, without limitation, collection of current or previously offered products.

Collection of any of the following:

- Content from the site, including but not limited to current or previously offered promotional offers on the site and then displaying such content to users in any way in order to redirect users from the site to another third party, without our written permission;

- Personal Data (defined in the Personal Data Protection Policy), User Content (defined in clause 13 below) or content from any User.

Engaging in any of the following activities:

- Intruding or interfering with the proper functioning of any part, page or area of the site or any functions or services provided by NATURA TERAPI DOOEL Skopje ;

- Taking any action that creates excessive demand for our services or imposes, or may impose, unreasonable or disproportionately large loads on our servers or other parts of our infrastructure;

- Reselling any purchases made through the site without our consent;

- Accessing, monitoring or copying any content from the site, using any "robot", "spider", or other automatic means or any manual process for any purpose, without our written permission;

- Aggregating and displaying any current or previous offers or content or other information from the site (whether using links or other technical means or physical records related to purchases made through the site), with materials from other sites without our written permission;

- Deep linking to any part of the Site (including, without limitation, the purchase path for any product or value voucher) without our written permission;

- Linking to the Site from any other website without our initial and ongoing consent; or

- Acting illegally or maliciously against the business interests or reputation of NATURA TERAPI DOOEL Skopje , our business associates or our services.


We take the security of your personal data seriously. We encourage you to carefully review the Privacy Policy to inform yourself of the important rules under which we may collect, use and share personal data and your rights as users. Our privacy policy is contained in these Terms of Use, which you can access here.


By purchasing or receiving any offer on the Site, You agree to these Terms of Use, our Privacy Policy, including the Terms of Purchase, available here.


By participating in any program, marketing promotion, game or other activity organized by NATURA TERAPI DOOEL Skopje, you agree to these Terms of Use as well as the Policy for the protection of personal data as well as our Policy for the use of personal data for the purposes of direct marketing.


The Site contains proprietary material, copyright, trademark and other proprietary information, including but not limited to text, software, images, video, graphics, music and sound. Everything on this site ("naturaterapy.mk") is the exclusive property of NATURA TERAPI DOOEL Skopje, which has copyright over the selection, selection, coordination or modification of the content as well as in the content that it originally owns. naturatherapy.mk has a copyright over the photos that are owned by it, such as photos that are taken for the purpose of product presentation by a naturatherapy.mk photographer.

Any copying, distributing, transmitting, posting, placing links, modifying, or otherwise modifying this site or any of the microsites, or in any other way using the content, in part or in whole, without the express written permission of NATURA TERAPI DOOEL Skopje is strictly prohibited. forbidden. Any violation of this policy may result in copyright, trademark or other intellectual property violations and may subject the end user to civil and/or criminal penalties.

NATURA is a protected trademark of NATURA TERAPI DOOEL Skopje . All rights to this brand are reserved. Unless otherwise indicated, all other trademarks that appear on natureterapy.mk are the property of their respective owners.


naturatherapy.mk provides users and visitors with more opportunities to view or ask questions about the products and services on the website or to communicate with the user service.

When creating a user profile or using any of the services where your personal data is required, you agree to these Terms of Use and the Personal Data Protection Policy.

You also guarantee that the personal data you share with us is correct.

For certain services and activities, you may be required to have a NATURA TERAPI DOOEL Skopje user profile so that the appropriate service can be provided to you.

When using the services and contents of the website and sharing information, contents, questions with us, the provisions of our Personal Data Protection Policy apply.

You warrant that you will not upload, send, transmit or otherwise make available any content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, racist, pornographic, obscene, violent, untrue, defamatory, invasive of another person's privacy or harmful to any which third party; or if the contents contain any material that hides viruses or any other computer codes, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any software or computer equipment.

naturatherapy.mk is available for use only by persons over 18 years of age. The site is intended and designed for adults. By using the services of natureterapy.mk, you confirm that you are of legal age. We will immediately remove User Content from persons under the age of 18 as soon as we become aware of such User Content.


We do not accept or consider any unsolicited ideas transmitted directly or through any employee of NATURA TERAPI DOOEL Skopje , including, without limitation, ideas or suggestions relating to new products or improvement of existing ones, to names or technologies, to advertising and marketing campaigns, plans or other promotions. Do not send us, or any of our employees, unsolicited ideas, suggestions, material, images or other matter in any form ("Unsolicited Materials").

If you send us unsolicited materials, you understand and agree that the following terms will apply, regardless of any cover letter or other materials you have sent:

-NATURA TERAPI DOOEL Skopje has no obligation to review any unwanted materials, nor to store them;

-NATURA TERAPI DOOEL Skopje has no obligation to answer your message;


naturatherapy.mk stands behind the contents and materials published on the website, including the photos and descriptive text of each product published on the website. natureterapy.mk is the owner and/or authorized representative of the trademarks and brands displayed on the website.

Without limiting the above, if you believe that protected material has been copied or published on this site in a way that violates your property rights, you should notify NATURA TERAPI DOOEL Skopje by sending the following information:

a) electronic or physical signature of the person authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner;

b) the identification and location of the website containing the copyrighted content that you claim has been misused;

c) a written statement by you that you have a good faith belief that use of the material is not authorized by the owner, its agent, or the law;

d) your name and contact information, such as phone number or e-mail address and

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This cookie policy provides general information about cookies, how we use them, the types of cookies we use, the information we collect and information on how you can control cookies.


Cookies are small text files, which are placed in your computer or mobile phone by the websites you visit and are used to store small information. These text files can be read by the web pages you visit and help identify you when you open the web page again. Cookies are used for several purposes, such as: to remember your activities and preferences, to provide personalized content on the website and to display the navigation history of the same. Namely, they provide information to the website about the user, thus enabling the website to personalize your user experience.

When you open our website, we collect cookies that contain data about you.

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