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About Us

NATURA THERAPY is a leading company in the market that develops, manufactures and sells high-quality, innovative natural food supplements designed to improve and maintain human health. We strongly contribute to developing the collective awareness and awareness of citizens about the importance and need for lifestyle changes and the use of natural nutritional supplements, with the aim of ensuring maximum life potential for each individual.

The company occupies a leadership position on the domestic market in the development and offering of a wide range of new, innovative food supplements, which follow current world market trends, modern scientific knowledge and the health needs and challenges of our citizens and people in general. Our practice includes regular analysis of the market and consumers, monitoring and application of the latest scientific discoveries in the segment of lifestyle medicine, nutrition, phytotherapy and functional food, procurement of specific raw materials of exceptional quality from renowned suppliers from the country and the world, in order to develop of sophisticated formulas for the production of nutritional supplements that have been proven to help in the prevention and treatment of a wide range of diseases, i.e. maintaining and improving the health of consumers.

We have created a modern production plant, with modern equipment for the production of innovative nutritional supplements in the form of unique extracts, capsules, tablets and functional drinks, while the developed products are under constant control by the relevant national institutions for standardization, safety and quality. NATURA THERAPY unites a team of experts with many years of professional experience and relevant education in technology and production, medicine and nutrition, with proven managers in the field of management, marketing and public relations, united and strongly committed to the company's mission.