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Hepatol Forte (30ps)

Hepatol Forte (30ps)
Hepatol Forte (30ps)
Hepatol Forte (30ps)
Hepatol Forte (30ps)
Hepatol Forte (30ps)
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Hepatol Forte is a special medical preparation with plant extracts, intended to support the function and protect the liver.

  • It contains 5 active components with a synergistic effect;
  • With a high concentration of Silymarin, from milk thistle extract;
  • Scientific formulation on the recommendation of doctors;
  • Simple use, 1 to 2 capsules a day;
  • 100% natural product;
  • Does not contain GMO, milk (lactose), gluten, soy or other known allergens;
  • In a pack of 30 capsules (PET packaging);
  • Available at Natura Therapy sales centers and pharmacies.

Do you have a liver problem?

Do you also:

  • Do you often feel down, tired and without energy?
  • Do you have elevated fats, enzymes, irregular hormones and excess weight?

These symptoms indicate a state of obesity (steatosis) and impaired liver function.

"Nearly ⅓ of the world's adult population suffers from non-alcoholic steatosis or fatty liver" [1]

Steatosis or fatty liver can be caused by continuous, excessive intake of high-calorie, processed foods with a lot of sugar and processed fats, alcohol, pesticides and other toxins from food or chemicals from the environment, and not infrequently the cause can also be long-term therapy with drugs for various chronic diseases. Patients who have fatty liver are usually not serious enough about the condition and become aware of the danger and consequences only after diabetes, hepatitis, cirrhosis such as irreversible liver damage, cancer or other complications that can be fatal appear!

Protect your liver and improve its function before it's too late!



  • It helps to reduce the level of fats in the liver and blood; [2 - 7 ]
  • Helps protect cells and improve liver function; [2 - 7 ]
  • Enables easier detoxification and removal of toxins from the body and blood; [2 - 7 ]
  • Contributes to improved regulation of sugar, hormones and weight;
  • 100% natural, safe and without side effects even with prolonged use.

Advantages of HEPATOL FORTE

Today, modern medicine and science confirm the use of silymarin from the extract of milkweed (pink) as well as other plant extracts as an effective and safe way to protect and improve the work of the liver, with a special recommendation for their use in the state of obesity of the liver.

For this purpose, we created HEPATOL FORTE :

  • With up to 5 active components;
  • High-quality and concentrated milk thistle extract (with over 50% Silymarin content);
  • Daily intake of up to 400 mg of milk thistle extract;
  • Enriched with chicory, dandelion and artichoke extracts;
  • Calcium-D-Glucarate key support for liver detoxification processes;
  • Effective and safe even with prolonged use.


Milk Thistle Extract - The main ingredient in Silybum marianum milk thistle extract, Silymarin has been used in folk medicine for centuries to treat the liver. Today, a large number of research and clinical studies confirm the positive effects of silymarin, it is specifically confirmed that it helps the function of the liver, protects its cells from damage from alcohol, drugs and toxins, protects against the development of inflammation and the creation of fibrous tissue that leads to cirrhosis. It also has an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiviral effect and stimulates the secretion of bile for more efficient elimination of toxins. [2-3]

Artichoke extract - the artichoke fruit (Cynara scolymus) contains the active ingredient cynarin which also in scientific research shows health benefits that are positive for liver function. In particular, cynarin from artichoke helps the secretion of bile, protects liver cells from damage by alcohol and other toxins, and especially contributes to the reduction of lead levels in the liver and blood. It also helps to improve health and function. of the intestines and regulation of the level of fats in the blood. [4]

Dandelion extract - this herb with a recognizable yellow flower (Taraxacum officinale) is widely used in folk medicine, especially in the treatment of liver diseases. The scientific literature through clinical research confirms that the bioactive ingredients in this herb have a strong antioxidant effect and help reduce the damage to liver cells caused by oxidative stress, which occurs in the conditions of viral, alcoholic and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, and has anti-inflammatory and antidiabetic effect. [5]

Chicory - chicory (Cichorium intybus Linn.) is a vegetable rich in inulin fiber, which improves digestion and bowel emptying, and has a distinctive bitter taste, which comes from unique ingredients that contribute to activating liver metabolism, improving the secretion of bile fluid and to stimulate the detoxification processes of the breakdown of toxins. Clinical research confirms that it helps to reduce the values of liver enzymes AST and ALT. [6]

Calcium-D-Glucurate - This is a salt of glucuronic acid, an element that is created by the liver and is key to the smooth realization of the processes of glucoronization (phase 2 detoxification biochemical processes in the liver) that allow liposoluble toxins that are more difficult to break down and eliminate to be converted into water-soluble molecules that are easily excreted through bile, in the intestines and out of the body. This contributes to the accumulation of dangerous liposoluble toxins in the brain and fatty tissue. It also improves the elimination of xenoestrogens and estrogen from the body, preventing its excessive influence that can lead to serious health disorders. [7]

Silvana Barakova: At the first control, the results were immediately visible, the enzymes from 100 are now at 50, which for me was a good indicator to continue using Hepatol Forte.

Bojan Boshkoski: After 2 months of using Hepatol Forte, it gave me excellent results, I feel healthier, more energetic, I even lost a few kilos and most importantly, the parameters were regulated, the liver was no longer fatty.

A way of use:

  • Use: 1 to 2 capsules a day, with a meal.
  • It is safe for long-term use.
  • Positive effects from the use of HEPATOL FORTE can be seen after 6 to 8 weeks of use.


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