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Cholestol Complex 30cps, anti-cholesterol preparation

Cholestol Complex 30cps, anti-cholesterol preparation
Cholestol Complex 30cps, anti-cholesterol preparation
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Cholestol Complex is a preparation with a special medical purpose with plant extracts, sterols and vitamins, intended for dietary regulation of cholesterol and fat levels in the body.

  • It contains 7 active components with a synergistic effect;
  • With extract of fermented red rice (with 3% Monacolin K);
  • Scientific formulation on the recommendation of doctors;
  • Simple use, 1 to 2 capsules a day;
  • 100% natural product;
  • Does not contain GMO, milk (lactose), gluten, soy or other known allergens;
  • In a pack of 30 capsules (PET packaging).
  • Available at Natura Therapy sales centers and pharmacies.

Are you also struggling with elevated cholesterol and blood fats?

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in our country as well, and a huge number of citizens, already over the age of 40, suffer from a chronic increase in blood cholesterol! Elevated concentrations of cholesterol in the blood allow the formation of deposits on the walls of blood vessels - a condition known as atherosclerosis, which impairs blood circulation and the function of the heart muscle and the cardiovascular system as a whole.

"Cardiovascular diseases are the number one cause of death in the world, accounting for nearly 1/3 of all deaths annually!" [1, 2]

"Atherosclerosis (clogging of blood vessels) is the underlying cause of nearly 50% of all deaths in developed Western countries annually" [3]

Atherosclerosis, i.e. blockage of blood vessels, is the biggest cause of heart attack or stroke! Prevent cholesterol deposits from clogging and damaging your arteries and protect your blood vessels before it's too late!



  • It contributes to the reduction of total and bad LDL cholesterol; [3 - 11]
  • It contributes to increasing the values of good HDL cholesterol; [3 - 11]
  • It helps to reduce the oxidation of cholesterol; [3 - 5]
  • Provides antioxidant protection for blood vessels;
  • 100% natural, safe and without side effects even with prolonged use.


Standard cholesterol-lowering statin therapy, with long-term use, can have side effects on health. For this purpose, the expert team of nutritionists, pharmacists, doctors and technologists at Natura Therapy thoroughly analyzed scientific research on the positive effects of plant extracts and other natural ingredients in cholesterol regulation and blood vessel protection and created the CHOLESTOL COMPLEX product, which is based on :

- The scientifically proven properties of Monacolin K, an active ingredient extracted from fermented red rice extract, which is clinically proven to help reduce cholesterol;

- Phytosterols that balance cholesterol production in the liver;

- A complex of plant extracts that help regulate fat and have an anti-oxidative effect

- Vitamin B3 which is necessary for fat metabolism and the natural regulation of cholesterol in the body.

- Cholestol Complex has a simple use, alone or complementary to the prescribed therapy.

- Effective and safe even with prolonged use.

Fermented red rice extract – The red rice (Monascus purpureus Went) extract subjected to fermentation creates Monacolin K, an ingredient that has been scientifically proven to block, i.e. reduce the synthesis of LDL cholesterol in the liver, thus contributing to a lower release, i.e. a reduction in LDL concentrations. blood cholesterol. It also contributes to the prevention of the peroxidation of cholesterol and other fats, thus helping to protect against their deposition on the inner walls of blood vessels. [3 - 5]

Phytosterols – Phytosterols are plant sterol molecules, similar to the cholesterol molecule in animals and humans. The combination of 77% β-sitosterol, together with Campesterol, Stigmasterol and Brassicasterol contribute to reducing the production of LDL cholesterol in the liver, simultaneously increasing the levels of good HDL cholesterol. [6]

Greek seed extract – the extract from the seed of the herb Trigonella foenum-graecum L, has a long tradition of use in folk medicine, where as an herb it was used to reduce fat and improve liver function. Today, both scientific research and clinical studies conducted on patients with elevated cholesterol and fat levels show that fenugreek seeds help reduce LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and increase HDL cholesterol. [7]

Olive Leaf Extract – The olive fruit and leaves of the tree (Canarium album(Lour.)Raeusch) have been used for centuries to treat and maintain health. Today, numerous scientific studies show that the olive contributes to the maintenance of cardiovascular health, that is, it helps protect blood vessels and regulate the level of cholesterol and fats in the blood. [8]

Green tea extract - green tea (Camellia sinensis O.Ktze) is rich in polyphenols from the catechin group, especially epigallocatechinalate EGCG, which are urinary antioxidants and have been proven in scientific literature to help protect blood vessels from oxidative stress, help prevent oxidation and cholesterol build-up, as well as better cholesterol regulation, balancing LDL and HDL cholesterol. [9,10]

Vitamin B3 – vitamin B3 (niacin) participates in the regulation of fat metabolism and taking higher doses of B3 as a dietary supplement can help reduce cholesterol levels. [11]

Black pepper extract – the black pepper extract (Piper nigrum L.extract) improves the absorption of active ingredients in the intestines and enables their greater bioavailability in the body.

Sonia Taseva: I wanted to try something on a natural basis, I took Cholestol Complex, I drank it regularly and only after 7-8 weeks I felt more energy and less fatigue. Of course, these effects were also shown to me with the blood tests that I repeated and showed that the cholesterol decreased from 8.4 to 6.2.

Daniel Popovski: I've been drinking it for 2 months, 2 capsules as recommended, I feel much better than I was, I can be more physically active, I don't feel so tired. What was most important to me is that it is on a natural basis.

A way of use:

  • Usage: 1 to 2 capsules a day, with a meal.
  • It is safe for long-term use.
  • Positive effects of the use of CHOLESTOL COMPLEX, in the reduction and improved regulation of cholesterol can be seen already after 6 to 8 weeks of use.


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