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Nervous system
CALM - preparation with special medical purpose for dietary regulation of anxiety, stress and mood disorders - CALM - Nervous System..
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CALM (2+1) + Ashwagandha Root extract + Vitamin B6 (gift) - preparation with a special medical purpose for dietary regulation of states of anxiety, stress and mood disorders - CALM (2+1) + Ashwagandha Root extract + Vitamin B6 - Nervous system..
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CALM (2+1) - preparation with a special medical purpose for dietary regulation of anxiety, stress and mood disorders
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CALM (2+1) - preparation with special medical purpose for dietary regulation of anxiety, stress and mood disorders - CALM (2+1) - Nervous system..
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Brain Protect is a nutritional supplement that contains Bacopin®, Centilin®, medicinal mushroom Lavja Griva extract, plant extracts and B vitamins, combined with Bioperine® and is unchanged for effective support of the neurocognitive functions of the brain and memory. Contains Bacopin® and Centellin..
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Brain Protect (2+1) - supplement for memory and concentration
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The Brain Protect 2+1 set is unchanged for effective support for the neurocognitive functions of the brain and memory. The product BRAIN PROTECT contains specific plant extracts Bacopin® and Centellin® which are standardized and have clinically proven effectiveness; Provides synergistic action of 9 ..
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Wild Blueberry Extract is a dietary supplement made from wild, mountain blueberries rich in specific antioxidants (anthocyanins). Packaging : 60 capsules, (1000 mg wild blueberry extract), plastic packaging . Dosage and method of use : take 1 capsule, once or twice a day after a meal...
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Nervous system

How does everyday life affect the brain?

Every day our brain processes up to 70,000 thoughts using 100 billion neurons! The brain's memorization, reasoning, and information processing are extremely complex tasks that require good cognitive function and a healthy nervous system. Unfortunately, today's fast and dynamic pace of life and constant stress constantly burden our nervous system and brain, and poor-quality nutrition, as well as environmental toxins, contribute to damage to neurons (the basic cells of the nervous system) and their connections, such as and lack of oxygen and nutrients, which leads to the development of dementia and other degenerative changes of the brain, increased occurrence of distress - anxiety, depression and other mental health disorders.

What are the natural ingredients for better function and calming of the nervous system and how do they work?

Scientific research from recent decades has discovered and confirmed certain natural remedies against anxiety and stress, which can help protect the nervous system, as well as maintain and improve memory and cognition. Effective, scientifically proven effects on the brain and nervous system have:

  • Bacopa extract ( Bacopa monnieri) - a plant that is traditionally used in Ayurvedic practice and contains unique ingredients Bacosides, which provide protection for the brain, stimulate the renewal of neurons and the creation of new synapses, which directly improves cognitive functions, and has been proven to it also reduces anxiety.

  • Gotu Kola extract (Centella Asiatica) - a plant that contains triterpenoids, provides protection against the development of inflammation in the nervous system and increases GABA - the most important neurotransmitter that provides tranquility and calms the body physically, as well as other neurotransmitters involved in the processes of learning, memorization , stress reduction, calming and good mood.

  • Lion's mane extract (Lions mane – lat. Hericium erinaceus) - this medicinal mushroom contains a wide range of active ingredients (primarily hericenon and erinacin, etc.) important for protecting and restoring the myelin sheath of neurons and improving cognition.

  • Noni Extract (Morinda Cetrifolia) - the plant helps improve circulation which provides more oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the nervous system.

The brain and neurons are subject to oxidative stress – damage by free radicals and toxins, which subsequently leads to a gradual decline in brain function. That's why antioxidants are needed, which are the only molecules that provide protection against this damage! For example, a great scientifically proven antioxidant effect for the nervous system has:

  • wild blueberry, which contains polyphenols from the group of anthocyanins,

  • green tea leaves, which contain antioxidant catechins, primarily EPCG – epigallocatechinalate,

  • rosemary, which contains rosmarinic acid,

  • other plant extracts containing polyphenols or carotenoids,

  • melatonin - a hormone/neurotransmitter that not only helps to fall asleep and maintain sleep, but is also a strong antioxidant that, together with the above-mentioned antioxidants, helps to neutralize harmful free radicals that damage the cells of the nervous system.

Vitamins and minerals that help maintain health and protect the brain and nervous system

For the health of the nervous system, the most important are vitamins from the B complex (primarily vitamins B2, B3, B5 and B6) - which are necessary for maintaining the homeostasis of the body, creating energy in neurons and protecting against the accumulation of homocysteine and other harmful substances. .

Top 5 most important nutritional supplements for the nervous system from Naturatherapia

  1. BRAIN PROTECT - A unique combination of Bacopin® and Centilin® - patented standardized extracts of Bacopa and Gotu Kola, together with extracts of lion's mane, noni, B vitamins, blueberry extracts, rosemary and green tea and black pepper. The ingredients in BRAIN PROTECT are clinically proven to protect brain tissue from oxidative stress, contribute to strengthening memory and cognitive functions of the brain, reduce anxiety, help learning and improve mood.

  2. RESVERATROL COMPLEX - synergy of the most powerful antioxidant Resveratrol combined with extracts of black goji, green tea and olive leaf. This antioxidant complex helps to provide protection for blood vessels in the brain and the whole organism from damage caused by free radicals, thus contributing to maintaining good circulation in the brain and nutrition of neurons.

  3. SLEEP MELATONIN - food supplement that contains 3 mg of melatonin, which is necessary for falling asleep on time and maintaining quality sleep, which helps in better organization of memory, as well as protection, cleaning and restoration of nervous tissue during the night.

  4. VITAMIN B6 - this supplement contains 10 mg of vitamin B6, which is necessary for the normal function of the neurotransmitters GABA, serotonin and dopamine, necessary for calming and maintaining a good mood.

  5. CHOLESTOL COMPLEX - nutritional supplement with fermented red rice extract, phytosterols, green tea extract, Greek seed, olive leaf and vitamin B3 that helps reduce and maintain regulated blood cholesterol levels. With that, the product contributes to improving protection and reducing the risk of stroke.

How to choose the best nutritional supplement for you?

When it comes to your health, choose only the best. Here are some tips on how to choose the best nutritional supplement for you:

  1. Choose a product from a manufacturer you know, a company that enjoys the trust of citizens, has a customer care center where you can address a question or remark.

  2. Always, if you can, choose nutritional supplements that have scientific, clinical research that confirms that they will contribute to the protection and improvement of health.

  3. Analyze the ingredients in the supplement and look for products that contain registered, patented and proven ingredients.

  4. Consult your family doctor - a recommendation from a doctor you trust is always welcome.

  5. Ask for recommendations from colleagues, friends or family about the satisfaction of using a given product.

Finally, understand that quality nutritional supplements that contain more ingredients, a special formulation or technological process, or proven patented ingredients always cost more, but when it comes to health, the quality, efficiency and safety of the product should be the most important thing to you.