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Diet Shake with strawberry flavor - meal replacement for weight management

Diet Shake со вкус на јагода  - заменски оброк за регулирање на тежината
Diet Shake со вкус на јагода  - заменски оброк за регулирање на тежината
Diet Shake со вкус на јагода  - заменски оброк за регулирање на тежината
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Diet Shake со вкус на јагода  - заменски оброк за регулирање на тежината
Diet Shake со вкус на јагода  - заменски оброк за регулирање на тежината
Diet Shake со вкус на јагода  - заменски оброк за регулирање на тежината

DIET SHAKEis a dietary product, intended for better weight regulation and maintenance. It contains very few calories and is rich in protein and vegetable fiber. It is enriched with essential micronutrients (minerals and vitamins).

  • An excellent solution for easy and healthy weight loss.
  • It provides long-lasting satiety, and contains only 200 kCal, which creates a caloric deficit and activates the metabolism to burn accumulated fat.
  • Unique, scientifically proven formula (combination of proteins and vegetable fibers).
  • It contains whey protein, the most easily usable food protein.
  • It contains vegetable fiber from oat bran and glucomannan, which has a scientifically proven weight reduction effect.
  • Enriched with 12 vitamins and 4 minerals, support for a healthy and active metabolism.
  • Fast and simple preparation in less than 1 minute.
  • Fantastic chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavors to choose from.

More than 1 billion people in the world suffer from obesity! Obesity today is reaching pandemic proportions, and the knowledge that over six hundred million adults and over three hundred and fifty million youth and adolescents worldwide are facing the consequences of obesity is frightening.[1]

Increased body weight and obesity significantly increase the risk of diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular and bone-joint system diseases. Therefore, the regulation of body weight is essential for the overall health and vitality of the body!

How many times have you tried to lose weight or regulate your weight, but without success?

Do you also struggle with diets, starvation or hard training in your desire to lose weight. You don't have enough time or will to prepare a diet meal, and attempts to reduce weight always end up with even more stress, frustration and giving up in the end!

You no longer need to starve to lose weight! Try the DIET SHAKE - an excellent, proven way to better regulate your weight and reduce extra pounds. Prepared a delicious shake that will keep you full and satisfied, and will make your body melt accumulated fat.

Why Diet Shake?

  • Formula based on scientific knowledge of metabolism and weight regulation.
  • A unique combination of protein and vegetable fiber.
  • Minimal caloric value, only 200 kCal for efficient use of accumulated fat.
  • With high-quality whey protein and fiber from oat bran and glucomannan.
  • Enriched with 12 vitamins and 4 minerals.
  • Quick and simple preparation and great taste of your choice
  • It gives a feeling of satiety for 4 to 5 hours, for easy weight loss without starvation
  • It provides protection of time and money.

Benefits of Diet Shake?

  • A unique scientifically proven formula (a nutritionally balanced meal that contains everything you need to be full and lose weight (rich in protein and vegetable fiber, essential micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), and creates a caloric deficit (only 200 kCal that activates the metabolism to consumes accumulated fat)
  • Only 200 kCal – incredibly few calories for a meal that provides all the necessary nutrients for health and weight loss.
  • It is prepared everywhere, in every place, at home at work, in the gym, in less than 1 minute, a ready meal!
  • It tastes fantastic! Excellent taste of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry!
  • It has a higher quality composition compared to similar competing products.
  • Contains pure, bioavailable whey protein instead of soy protein.
  • It contains dextrose for more energy for the body, instead of fructose, which the body cannot use for energy.
  • Contains fiber from oat bran and glucomannan. The effectiveness of Glucomannan to support weight loss has also been confirmed by EFSA.
  • Enriched with iron, chromium, selenium and magnesium, vitamins A, C, E, D, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12.
  • Fast and simple preparation, always and in every place, at home, at work, in the gym.


  • WheyProtein- Complete cow's whey protein containing allessential amino acids. Proteins are a basic macronutrient, the primary building block of cells, tissues and organs. They are necessary for the growth and renewal of the body, as well as for the production of hormones, neurotransmitters, antibodies needed for immunity, etc. The optimal representation of protein in the diet, within meals or as a supplement, has a key role in the regulation of signals and the feeling of satiety and control of hunger. Proteins contribute to the maintenance of muscle mass, which is the largest consumer of energy in the body, thus helping to reduce and maintain body weight.[2]
  • Vegetable fibers (from oat bran and glucomannan) - vegetable fibers contribute to slower digestion of food and control of caloric food intake, reduced absorption and better regulation of sugar and fat from food, create a feeling of satiety, contribute to the maintenance of intestinal microflora, immunity and overall health of the body.[3]
  • 12 vitamins: A, C, D, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 and B12 and 4 minerals: iron, magnesium, selenium and chromium - micronutrients that are important for maintaining an active metabolism, improving energy, immunity, blood quality and detoxification, which is especially important during caloric restrictions.[4]

User guide:

To prepare a delicious shake, mix 26 to 52 g (4-5 tablespoons) with 250 ml of warm or cold milk (recommended with 1.5% fat) or warm water and mix well until you get a homogeneous shake. Before each use, shake the box gently as the ingredients may settle to the bottom of the box.


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