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Brain Protect 30 cps - supplement for memory and concentration

Brain Protect 30 cps - supplement for memory and concentration
Brain Protect 30 cps - supplement for memory and concentration
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Brain Protect is a nutritional supplement that contains Bacopin®, Centilin®, medicinal mushroom Lavja Griva extract, plant extracts and B vitamins, combined with Bioperine® and is unchanged for effective support of the neurocognitive functions of the brain and memory.

  • Contains Bacopin® and Centellin® - standardized, patented and clinically proven ingredients;
  • With Bioperine® for greater absorption and bioavailability of the active ingredients;
  • Unique formulation with 9 active components with complementary and synergistic action;
  • Scientific formulation on the recommendation of doctors;
  • Intended for all generations, adults and children;
  • 100% natural product;
  • Sugar-free, also suitable for people with diabetes;
  • Does not contain GMO, milk (lactose), gluten, soy or other known allergens;
  • In a package of 30 capsules (PET packaging);
  • Available at Natura Therapy sales centers and pharmacies.
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Do you, too, more and more often happen to:

  • You cannot remember the names of objects,
  • You do not recognize close people with whom you are in contact,
  • You have trouble performing easy and familiar tasks,
  • You leave things in the wrong places,
  • You can't find items that you use every day,
  • You have difficulties with speaking (finding words, forming sentences and expressing thoughts),
  • You have disorientation in time and space and impaired spatial orientation when driving and moving,
  • Bad judgment, and
  • You have problems with abstract thinking.

Such symptoms indicate the appearance and development of dementia and impairment of the cognitive function of the brain!

"According to data from the World Health Organization, over 55 million people worldwide live with dementia" [1]

Thousands of people in our country also face the consequences of dementia, reduced memory and weak cognitive function of the brain? A large percentage of them are not diagnosed, and many of them and their families are not even aware of this condition.

But dementia can be very scary! It only takes one unfortunate, fatal moment to cause incalculable consequences... to leave the door unlocked, to forget to turn off the stove, to forget to take the storm medicine...

So don't wait until it's too late!

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  • Contributes to strengthening memory;
  • Improves learning, focus and concentration;
  • Helps reduce anxiety and improve stress regulation.
  • A wide range of actions and benefits in just one product.
  • It contains standardized, patented ingredients Bacopin®, Centellin® and Bioperine®, with clinically proven effects. [2-6]

Advantages of BRAIN PROTECT?

Standard medicine has not yet found an official cure for dementia! In addition, a very limited market offer based on Ginkgo biloba extract to improve circulation and a complex of B vitamins is available to citizens.

Therefore, the expert team of nutritionists, pharmacists, doctors and technologists at Natura Therapy created BRAIN PROTECT, a nutritional supplement: in which we combined patented, standardized extracts with unique mechanisms of action and clinically proven efficacy - Bacopin® and Centellin®; [2-6] we added a complex of plant extracts with antioxidant action and a complex of B vitamins; together with Bioperin® - a standardized, patented black pepper extract for improved absorption of active ingredients; creating a unique formula with a synergistic and comprehensive effect to improve memory and cognitive functions of the brain.

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Bacopin ® - Bacopin is a standardized, patented and clinically tested extract of the herb Bacopa (Bacopa Monieri) that helps improve the function and transmission of signals through neurons (nerve, brain cells). Specifically, the bacopa extract stimulates the creation of new branches of neurons, which improves the reception of electrical impulses, i.e. signals with information, and allows improved access to memory centers, more efficient connection, retrieval and processing of stored information, which results in better memory, processing and learning. [2-5]

Centellin® - is an extract from the plant Centella Asiatica, which in numerous scientific studies has confirmed its ability to reduce inflammatory processes in degenerative brain diseases, especially in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. In particular, research confirms that the extract of this herb, especially the triterpenes it contains, stimulate the production of key endogenous antioxidants, which effectively prevents the harmful effects of free radicals and inflammatory cytokines that are released during the inflammations that accompany Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and other degenerative conditions of the brain. Also, the asiatic acid and asiacosides in Centillin increase the production of a protein called neuron growth factor, which allows for improved neuron connectivity and better cognitive function. [6]

Lion's mane extract - the medicinal mushroom Lion's mane (Lions mane – lat. Hericium erinaceus) is a natural food for neurons, due to its ability to restore the nervous system. It contains a wide range of active ingredients (mainly hericenon and erinacin) that stimulate the growth of a protein called brain derived neurotropic factor responsible for the creation of new synapse-connections between neurons, which enables the treatment and maintenance of the longevity of nerves. cells in the central and peripheral nervous system and improving brain functions. In addition to restoring neurons, the active ingredients in lion's mane actively build the protective myelin sheath of nerve cells. This improves neuronal conduction for signals that are crucial for communication between nerve cells. [7-8]

Noni extract - Noni is the fruit of the Morinda Cetrifolia plant that grows in the regions of Southeast Asia and the Pacific, whose ingredients stimulate the production of nitric oxide - a primary vasodilator that allows the expansion of blood vessels, thus improving circulation. Thanks to this action, Noni extract helps to improve circulation, i.e. the flow of oxygen and nutrients to nerve cells, necessary for their optimal function and renewal.

Wild blueberry extract - wild blueberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) contains specific polyphenols from the group of anthocyanins, carriers of the synoviolite pigment, which have a strong, scientifically proven antioxidant effect. As molecules with a very low molecular weight, they easily cross the blood-brain barrier and effectively prevent oxidative stress in the brain (damage to brain cells by free radicals), thus maintaining good brain function. [9]

A way of use:

Use: 1-2 capsules a day, before or with a meal.

It is safe for long-term use in children over 12 years old.

BRAIN PROTECT is effective and recommended for people with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia, after a stroke, for children and adults with ADHD syndrome and difficulties in cognitive development and learning, children and adults with anxiety and depression, as well as people with convulsive diseases (epilepsy, etc.).

Positive effects from the use of BRAIN PROTECT can be felt already after the first month of use, but according to existing clinical research, the greatest effects are achieved after continuous use of at least 3 months.