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BCAA e   powdered nutritional supplement with strawberry flavor, with three essential amino acids (leucine isoleucine and valine) that contribute to the growth , performance and recovery of muscles after exercise. It contains an optimal ratio of amino acids with a branched chain ( leucine, isoleucine and valine - 4:1:1). In a single dose, it contains 9 g of BCAA and added vitamin C, for the preparation of a drink with a fantastic strawberry taste.

Regular use of BCAA allows:

- great stimulation of protein synthesis, necessary for the maintenance and growth of muscle mass

- greater muscle strength (blocks the mechanisms of activation of neurotransmitters that contribute to the activation of the feeling of fatigue)

- limiting the creation of ammonia (a waste product of muscle tissue metabolism, which is toxic)

- improvement of energy during training (through stimulation of gluconeogenesis and creation of glucose needed for energy of muscle cells)

- improved synthesis of glutamine

- prevention of muscle mass loss and faster recovery from exercise

- improvement of immune function

Method of application: Mix 14 g of the powder in 250 ml of liquid (water or milk).   once to 3 times a day.

Purpose: for all adults over 18 years of age who are physically active and need more strength, endurance and increase in muscle mass.

CREATINE MONOHYDRATE e   nutritional supplement with creatine powder intended to increase strength and support muscle growth. A single dose contains 3g of creatine for the preparation of a drink that can be used alone or combined with other supplements.

Regular use of creatine allows:

- rapid recovery of energy in cells, for greater strength, endurance and muscle growth

- creation of proteins for the growth of new muscle fibers and increase in muscle volume

- retention of water in the muscles, which contributes to a larger volume of the muscles

- greater explosiveness, speed, muscle endurance

- shortens the time needed for muscle recovery

- better cognitive function of the brain, prevents the death of cells in the brain and helps with Parkinson's disease

- better control and regulation of blood sugar

- reduction of body fatigue

Method of application: Mix 3 g of the powder in 200 ml of liquid (water)   once a day.

Purpose: for all adults over 18 who are physically active and want more energy, strength and muscle growth, adults in need of better cognitive function, people with Parkinson's disease, etc.