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2+2 Gastro Protect & Aloe + code - preparation for digestive health
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GASTRO PROTECT is a food for special medical purposes that contains Tripala complex (mixture), liquorice root extract (licorice), aloe vera and magnesium, for dietary regulation of inflammatory processes in the gastrointestinal tract accompanied by impaired taste. nausea and pain (gastric reflux , g..
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Aloe Vera gel with aronia extract is a nutritional supplement made from Aloe Vera leaves, enriched with aronia extract and intended to support immunity, health and function of the digestive system and maintain metabolism and overall health. Highly concentrated 99.5% aloe vera gel; Derived from the l..
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Aloe Royal is a nutritional supplement with royal jelly and 100% aloe gel (certified organic aloe of the Barbadensis Miller species) enriched with honey, propolis and thyme extract. Aloe Vera extract (Barbadensis Miller) contributes to maintaining a normal immune system. Packaging : 500ml, plastic p..
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Aloe Vera gel with aronia extract is a nutritional supplement containing 99.5% concentrated gel from certified organic Barbadensis Miller species enriched with aronia extract and is a source of a wide range of nutrients, enzymes, powerful antioxidants (anthocyanins) and other bioactive molecules wit..
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